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December 29, 2008

Watched ‘Finding Neverland’.  Feeling inspired and slightly less lost and sad.  The movie was somewhat sad, I mean I don’t think I ever cared much for that story (Peter Pan) though I must have seen the play about a million times, or read or listened to the story on tape.  Maybe I was indifferent to it, I can’t remember.  Maybe it’s because I was so often in some other world of my own to begin with.  Maybe though I felt like Peter in the movie, too old at a young age to get into such tales even though I must have still been playing pretend on my own.  Combination of both then?

I’m just thinking about starting this writing ‘club’ at EB (school I work at) and how excited I am.  Thinking about something the movie says to me and that is we are all writers.  Writing is one of those things your never too old or too young to do and it doesn’t matter if it becomes the greatest masterpiece in the world or not.  You don’t even have to share your writing with anyone! We are all writers and all story tellers in one way or another.  “How was work? What did you do?”, “How was your Christmas? I read your Christmas letter.”  Even the scribblings our parents saved of ours from when we were to small to write or maybe even talk.  Perhaps even our  little finger prints on the wall made by going wild with painting.  After all that’s how cavemen wrote and told stories, right?

I picked up my Thai journal the one “Uncle Chai” gave me.  It reads so different now.  Only because I am more aware of myself and my life I suppose.  I can’t continue reading it at the moment, I need to comeback to it another day.

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