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I hat…like watercolors

August 12, 2009

I always hated watercolors as a kid.  I’m not really sure why I hated them, don’t think it was just because they often give kids crappy sets.  Don’t know, just avoided them like the plague.  Then a month or so ago I decided I needed a set to finish this picture I was working on.  God, I was so reluctant to even try it!  I kept telling myself if I didn’t like it I would figure out someway to undo it and try something else.  So I went and got a little 8 or 9 buck watercolor set and guess what…I tried it out and I liked it!  Which was a really good thing because I had to brave my way through the Art Fair (which is a huge deal here) I nearly killed a few tourists but…I survived to remind myself yet again never to do that again! (Never works but…meh)

I don’t remember who makes this set, it’s just a 18 color set in a tin with a nice little brush.  The back of it came with some tips, that helped I’m sure (seriously!!).  I tried to remember some things I had heard on those little afternoon shows on the public TV stations.  Been horsing around with this thing ever since! I can’t stop!

So this is the second picture I did with this set.  I ‘m glad I got two pictures of it cause it has changed.  I liked the way the water was in the first one, then I’m not sure what happened.  Too much water at one point or something? and it all blended? Dunno. Bummed.  I like my cloud a little better but maybe it’s too much.  So here it is:

Somewhere Beyond the Sea - Watercolor

Somewhere Beyond the Sea - Watercolor

Take 2:

Somewhere Beyond the Sea - Continued

Somewhere Beyond the Sea - Continued

The second picture is lighter than it really is.   I’m too lazy to get and upload pictures right,

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