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Goodbye My Muse

January 30, 2010

Lhasa de Sela

My muse - Lhasa de Sela

I’m Going In – Lhasa de Sela

Right next to Hubert Selby Jr. I think I put the wonderful Lhasa de Sela.  There have been few celebrities/artists that I have truly been upset over hearing of their death.  Selby is one, I think I teared slightly at Bettie Page, I struggle slightly with Salinger (I’m sure like a lot of people Catcher in the Rye saved me in some ways), but honestly I’m not doing well with the passing of Lhasa.  Like Selby she had the amazing ability to say the things I couldn’t find the words for, she had the incredible talent of being able to break my heart and put it back together in one sentence, she’s one people like Selby who never knew you existed but somehow they seem to tell your story.  Some of this is obviously from imagery in her lyrics or in 2 cases parts of lyrics.


You carry me softly through a dream like life

my own feet take too much to stumbling down that “Living Road”

You show me the key that unlocks the heart and soul of an abundant life

Through the latch I see the warm sepia light flickering, beckoning.

Inside lies a world that stands on its head and turn somersaults

all the while laughing with twinkling eyes

I find myself transported, not entirely by consent nor entirely against my will

Once on the other side of the heavy wooden door

I turn timidly back to see you

standing on the edge of the threshold

unable to follow this way again

As the door eases shut I hear

a soft whisper escape my trembling lips

“Please, tell me a story that doesn’t end this way…”

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