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The Condition of Human Suffering Part 2

January 30, 2010

Is pain really necessary? Is emotional pain really necessary? Can’t we just do without that crap?

Pain is necessary to me whether I like it or not. Emotional pain is necessary.

Life is painful. I embrace that with open arms. It is the reminder that I am alive. That I feel. That I am human. It is a reminder of what it is to breathe, to need air. A reminder that I struggle, that life is a struggle. It’s a reminder of the strength that I have accumulated to survive thus far.

In moments of great pain & suffering I begin to think of how I have never felt more alive in my life than I do right then. The reminder of life is intense & overwhelming. Yet at the same time it is somehow oddly grounding and comforting. Every muscle, nerve, cell, screams forth its declaration “I am alive!”

I could chose the cop out on life. I could chose to drowned or ignore my pain & suffering. I feel though to choose this is to turn myself blind to all that lies within, to betray myself, and turn blind to all that which surrounds me.

I am alive, I love, I give, I care, I am thoughtful, I am faithful, I am passionate, I am true, I learn, I grow, I embrace, I am open, I regret, I am hurt, I am disrespected, I am wronged, I am used, I am abused, I am pissed at the world, I thrive, I grow stronger, I gain wisdom, I grow trust, I gain faith, I grow hope…

I am alive, and though I may not say it often enough, and though I may deny it often and fiercely, I thank (God) for that fact and for this powerful feeling of life that surges through me.

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  1. January 30, 2010 9:25 pm

    I think that pain should be chosen, and not merely inflicted. When one chooses challenges, even or especially very difficult and very painful ones—climbing a rock face, writing a novel, becoming excellent at a sport—then this is ‘necessary’ pain. When one finds oneself enduring what is inflicted by others, at their whim, then that is just a waste of time. And damning.

    • tinysagittarian permalink
      February 5, 2010 2:23 pm

      I feel this kind of speaks to something else entirely.

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