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The Condition of Human Suffering

January 30, 2010

I saw your crying face on the street today. I wanted to stop and ask if you were ok. Instead, I flashed you a look of deep heart felt commiseration for your pain. Wishing that I could make the pain stop and knowing I could not, I walked on a few steps and then turned back to see if you had understood but, you had vanished almost as if you never existed.

Weeping Willow

Buried beneath the willow

I saw you out shoveling snow today. You flashed a smile that melted everything else around you. So, I snatched it up in greed and ran off with it to my place in the park and buried it beneath the weeping willow. There I stay lying in the soft grass with my toes dangling languidly in the cool, crisp water, with nothing else but this secret smile I wear on a warm spring day.

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