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Walking Home on a Snowy Evening

January 30, 2010

Snowy footsteps

My tracks press deeply into sharp tight crystals

*Incomplete draft. Yes there is a slight nod there to Selby’s title “Song of the Silent Snow” which I was sort of meditating on at the time, reading the story now…it’s funny it fits perfectly to where I was at in that moment. Selby seems to have a habit of doing that in my life. Was listening to Skeletons – Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the time, great song for winter’s night walk.*

The world seems empty all around me.

My tracks press deeply into the sharp tight crystals.

The quiet song of winter all around lulls me

to lie down in

its soft white blanket and sleep


I am somewhere in the great white chamber room of

a sleeping giant.

I am lulled by the song and the beauty that unfolds

in a great cacophony of silence

but somewhere I must not forget

the giant sleeps.

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