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The Ghost of the City

March 14, 2010

(This was sitting in my drafts box. I think I had more to say at the time but I was so down I never finished my thoughts)

I went out to one of my “homes” away from home this past week, and now that I’m back I’m feeling just entirely lost and depressed.  It’s a lot like the feeling I had when I came home from Thailand.  Nothing quite fit right for me anymore, all the things that were “wrong” about my hometown just became garish and too much to handle. Now it seems like no matter what I am doing, listening to music, writing, talking to a friend, watching TV or a movie, these places haunt me & call out at me to come back. Sometimes though, I feel like maybe I’m the ghost.  I’m stuck in a place I’m not supposed to be (and maybe those aren’t exactly the right words) but I have all these memories of some other place and time where I do belong, where I’m meant to be.

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