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That City by the Bay

March 21, 2010

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I’m super “home” sick and I’ve been lazy about sharing these. It was such a fun day. I almost died on the cable car ride when some idiot pulled in front of the thing.  They slammed on the brake and …well here is the lesson of that day: Always make sure if you are a small person that you sit so you are not at the “bottom” of the bench when going down hills. Yes, this way you won’t wind up with a pile of people squashing you. Very good.  Ok.  Other than that it really was fun.  It was raining cats and dogs, and horses, and elephants sure but that’s what makes it AWESOME!  I hadn’t seen rain in I don’t know how long, it was a welcome break from snow.  So I spent the day running around the ships and at the Maritime Museum.  Then I spent the evening wandering around in the freezing rain with a good friend after scarfing down the most mind-blowing burger and then finally finding a cozy “man cave” (Rescue Me reference there) to suck back some whiskey sours to warm me back up again, along with watching crazy 70’s flicks thrown up on the opposing brick wall. Ahhh good times.

Post Script: Trying to decide on this font. Wish WP made it easier to change the size. If you hate it let me know.

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