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Restless, Irritable, and discontent

March 30, 2010

I bought this book, Stress Proof Your Live (52 Brilliant Ideas): Smart Ways to Relax and Re-energize, on my trip because I was seriously contemplating not returning!

I like the book but the only thing that frustrates me is that it doesn’t seem to help when you have a plan B and on your way to getting to plan B but have no damn patience.

I’m having such a hard time lately because I am starting to see an end in sight here but, it’s slow going.  It’s so utterly frustrating that it’s just slightly beyond reach.

I’m so fried right now that I am just going to post this even though there was probably something more to this.  At some point I’m sure it made sense.  Maybe I’ll re-write/try again if I find my brain.  God, I can’t wait for my next pay checks.  I can’t wait for summer which is when I should have a better idea what’s happening.  I wish I could pick up more hours at one place and drop hours at the other.


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