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When the Rain Falls My Body Shall Weep with Joy

April 5, 2010

When the rain falls my body will weep with joy.  Two reasons: one, when I was born I didn’t have a fully formed hip socket. I spent quite awhile in a special device that kept my legs splayed out like a frog. The grinding and grating of bone against bone encouraged a hip socket to grow. Today I’m pretty much fine except for the fact my one leg is shorter than the other (more than most people) and my hip tells the weather. Reason two, my old gymnast bones. I did gymnastics from about 17 months (nothing big of course just the usual running a round little kids do) til about 15 (I had quit on and off between 12 and 15).  It was long before regulations on what was ok for young growing kids however, and my bones now remind me.

In Spring and Summer my body and I go through this little ritual of hot showers/baths, Tylenol or pain killers, stretching and massage.  Every time the rain clouds come near it never fails we go through this ritual, my body and me.  The wait in agony for the rain! Or like tonight the slight tease of a 5 minute down pour, momentary relief.

Finally comes the moment when the rain really falls and the joy that the pain lets up, until next time.

Post Script: it was wine or Tylenol 3 tonight. I went with the wine.

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