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New Phone!

April 10, 2010


So I went and got the new HTC HD2, well more like my lazy ass ordered it and the UPS guy brought it to my house. I like it a lot so far,a lot to get used to. I’m way behind the times as this is my first smartphone! I was holding out for something and I guess this was it. I know some people think this phone is going to be behind the times shortly but I went with some advice my dad passed on to me from the owner of a big mom and pop electronics store n here in town. “Don’t be a pioneer”. One technology changes so quickly, two it can be a royal pain in the ass to be on a first gen product, three ideas that seen great flop and fail.

I figured I’d give the whole 4G, EVO, Windows Mobile 7 thing some time. I like something I can fiddle/tinker with and this HTC seemed right. I have a lot of learning to do on it though! I’m super glad no major problems yet. *knock on wood*

Right now I’m trying out moblog which I downloaded (took some work to get working) and getting in my swype practice. For a long while I was considering an iPhone (was waiting to see if/who they branch out to) but do they have swype? There must be something right? Because I was watching some molecular biologist guy at the airport trying to answer his email by punching one letter (?) at as time on his iPhone. I couldn’t stand it and it was then I knew if there was no other keyboard option on that thing…I needed either physical buttons or some other way of input. I’d seen the swype keyboard before and thought it was pretty neat, it is. I’m slowly getting it. I really didn’t think I was going to go full touch screen.

Anyway, t-mobile finally got something I really liked and my contract has been up for years. I went through Costco btw, nice price. So maybe I will update more now that I have this little our not so little ,as my small hand look extra puny, bundle of joy.

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