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Six Word Memoirs

May 4, 2010

I was reading a thread on a website about these Six-Word Memoirs that are, I guess, really popular right now. Um…I think I’m a little addicted to them now!

Life was idyllic. Then I awoke. (I did this one because of that dream and I was thinking how much everyone hates stories & movies that end that way)
My family is insane! I’ve survived.
Without music my life is nothing.
The girl who spoke without words.
Was constantly in search of home.
Spent my life seeking out home
I lived life in the shadows.
Andean princess slayed the demon within.
Was the girl raised by jaguars.
Lay down and never woke up.
A secret world lay within myself.
Which mask should I wear today?
Truth: it’s always the quiet ones.
There was a girl named Anne.
Was lost in a book forever.
My life was ruled by mythology.
I once was a great infrit.
Carried the world upon my shoulders.
The tropical mermaid and the nautilus.
My closet over runneth… Clean up!
Spent my life with the Jivaro.
The lazy jaguar slept in trees.
Was 23 people in one day.
Got lost in my own mind.
I should have been a pirate.
Secretly, the good girl’s a sadist.
Who ever said I was nice?
I lived my life in stories.
I belonged to a far away land.
End. Let it begin with me.
I loved fiercely as Friday’s Child.
I’m a siren upon the rocks.

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