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November 22, 2010

I have my stupid story half way typed up.  I’ve been so busy with so many different things I haven’t quite gotten around to finish typing and I wanted to make just a few changes.  Anyway, I’m sure I have a ton of other stuff lying around I was gonna post but I stumbled over this just now and had to post it up.  I wrote some things in the margins, not sure how I was going to fit in I guess.

Oh lovely Saturday,

You toy with my mind.  You make me feel as if there is so much time left to get things done.  So much time left to spend with someone [or something]. (dying/terminal) Then it all begins to slip away (life).  I always think why didn’t I do it Saturday? I always say, “Oh, I’ll just do it Saturday”.  But Saturday comes and goes, [sigh].

Sunday is not my friend, I know I can’t do this then.  I thought you were my friend…are you just pretending?  My fair weather friend.  I always end up feeling guilty (after) with Saturday (one night stand) (end up so used. It was so lovely Saturday but what now… Oh, how awkward this is…)

Hmmm, still no reply from Saturday.  I’m not surprised.  Saturday, where are you!?

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