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January 16, 2011

Ok so this only took me so long to finally type up! The deal with this thing is that I picked up a couple random idea books for those day’s when I want to do something but I have no frakking idea what to do.  One of the first books I opened had this suggestion to pretend to write about your day as though you have just committed some sort of crime the only catch is you could not mention the crime.  So I thought about this from a few different angles, I have another idea for something similar filed away somewhere, finally one day I was having sort of a strange conversation with some people.  The conversation was somewhere along the lines of if you were/or are a parent what is your worst nightmare about who your child turns out to be.  I won’t get into it but it was one of those conversations I end up intensely disliking people.  Anyway, for me my worst nightmare would be my child committing some sort of horrible crime against another person.  Whenever I hear about things in the news or what have you I always at some point wonder about the perps parents.  How does one react to that?  What goes through their heads? So many questions.  So that’s where this comes from.  The ending isn’t really how I wanted it.  Con’t at the end of the story in the next post.

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