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About This World

You may have seen this blog title around and that’s because that site and owner is me! I decided to change that title and create a new blog.

I have so many blogs out there in the vastness of cyberspace.  They are all about various important things in my life, my passion for human rights, my need spread information and understanding about a chronic illness few understand, my personal struggles and ‘demons’, and ok some are about absolutely nothing (here I really do mean nothing!) at all just the ramblings of my day to day life.  This blog I hope to make a mash up of my past, present, and future.  I might add a lot of old writings, some from other blogs but most from my paper journals, adding in the tidbits I’d like to share.  Some of this may be a continuation of my ramblings on nothing (here I really mean something) or things I find interesting on the web that I’d like to remember and share.  I know I should probably promise this blog will be perfectly punctuated and spell checked but as my life is…I can’t.  If you want to point out my mistakes feel free.  I do try to remember to go back and fix things but sometimes things just go flying onto the screen just as I’m about to zip off on to some other task.

I was artistically and creatively stunted as a kid so, I sometimes put up some of my goofing arounds with different creative outlets.  I’m slowly learning it’s ok to just play and not worry that I’m not a serious artist who’s fulfillment of  life’s aspirations depend on becoming famous.  I just do it for me, for the hell of it, to make a mess…to be a kid again.

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