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November 9, 2011

*This is a post that has been sitting in my draft box for some reason…oh, now I remember. Anyway, it’s from March 20th, 2011 so fits in with some post(s) from that time. Probably ready to revisit this in terms of losing my uncle.*

Funny how you unexpectedly find things (or they find you) when you need them the most.

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky -

“Where the Ocean Meets the Sky” a documentary about the Lantern Floating ceremony that takes place every Memorial Day in Hawaii.

A lot was brought up in that piece that has me thinking.  For example the concept of legacy, I have some idea of what that means to me personally but I don’t know if I have an idea of what it means in terms of those I’ve lost.

At 22:36 minutes into the film I just perked up my ears even more.  These were things I have been recently talking about.  How a lot of the emotions I feel now about people who have died in my lifetime are now more about how much I loved them than true pain of losing them.

The first part reminded me that I’ve been wanting to post up my final paper I wrote for my Positive Psychology class.  What the man says in this segment is a lot like my sort of life philosophy I guess.  Another good film that ends with a similar idea is “The Edge of Dreaming”.  With both of these points in the films I had to rewind or re-watch those parts.  I wasn’t sure I heard them right because I feel like I hear a very different set of ideas from everyone else and I feel like no one else gets “it”.

Anyway, check the film out.   I will try to dig up my final paper.  It will be password protected when I do post it, that much I know.  Shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out.

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